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For Extra Credit... TEN Options
Option 1: Choose one of the following essay topics, write a 300 word essay about it that follows the format you were taught this year, hand it in to Mrs. AbiSamra, and you will get extra credit for the first semester.
Essay Topic 1: Look at George and Lennie's Dream.
Do you think that the dream had any Chance of coming true?
What made It likely the dream would fail?
Essay Topic 2: Interview an underprivileged worker and write an essay about that.
Option 2: Write an editorial concerning the plight of one group of the underprivileged in Lebanon today.
Option 3: Complete a graphic organizer to show the dream George and Lennie share, obstacles in the way of the dream, and the outcome of the dream.
Option 4: Write an epilogue to the book to suggest what happens to George after Lennie dies: How is George's life different? Is he alone? Does he need/care for others?
Option 5: Design and produce a flier listing legal, medical, educational, social, and/or religious services available to the people who suffer homelessness, poverty, mental disability, discrimination, or who work as migrants.
Option 6: Research and discuss significant court cases involving social issues such as segregation, the mentally disabled, etc.
Option 7: Create a map of northern California at the time of the novel. Include references mentioned in the text such as towns, rivers, mountains, products, etc.
Option 8: Explore and analyze the character education traits caring/kindness, fairness/justice, and citizenship/civic virtue found in the novel.
Option 9: Research Depression-era income and expenses. Create a monthly budget for a family of four based on the research. Create a full menu for a family for a week.
Option 10: Find a song to represent one of the characters. Make a copy of the lyrics. Write a paragraph to explain how the character and the song fit together. Refer to the song lyrics often in order to develop this paragraph fully.

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