Essay Checklist: (Based on the 6 + 1 Trait Rubric)


Before you hand in your essay, take the time to go over this checklist and put a check next to the items you think you have covered properly. Those you haven’t covered, you’d better cover now! J




______Follows the required format.

______In point form, concise, and precise.

______Thesis and Restatement: Full sentences



______ Appropriate and effective



______The paper is clear and focused (thesis/claim is obvious).

______Ideas are fresh and original.



______ Relevant, telling, accurate, quality details/evidence go beyond the obvious.

______ Details back up all claims effectively.



______ Structure of the paper enhances the central idea/claim/thesis.

______ Includes satisfying introduction (hook, good narrowing down, and appropriate thesis/claim) that

             would make a reader want to keep reading.

______ Includes a satisfying conclusion: restatement, opening up (advice, opinion, saying, or food for thought).

______ Thoughtful transitions and excellent "flow"/pacing of information throughout.

______ Sequencing logical and effective. I tell things in an order that makes sense.



______ I speak directly to the reader in an individual, compelling, engaging way.

______ I have thought about my reader. I have tried to make my writing clear to him/her.

______ I take risks, and the paper is interesting, honest and engaging.



______ Words convey the message in a precise, interesting and natural way.

______ Words are specific and accurate. I choose words that will help make my meaning clear.

______ Language enhances and clarifies meaning.

______ Sentences are well built (good sentence structure).

______ My paper would be easy to read out loud.


Conventions or Mechanics

______ My punctuation is correct.

______ I use capital letters on proper names of people, places, or things.

______ My spelling is correct.

______ I respect the “Agreement of tenses” rule.

______ I have proofread my paper.



______ Paper visually clear and pleasing.


Essay Outline

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