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Tentative Schedule for Brevet

APA Style
Essay Writing
Epic: "The Odyssey"
(A Midsummer Night's Dream)
Literature: Narrative Elements
Short Story: "The Lady or the Tiger"
Oral & Written Presentations: Guidelines & Expectations

Class Expectations!

Baccalaureate Class: Grade 12

Senior/Extended Essay Web Page
Click Here!

Mid-Term Exam- Dec. 2001
"Alternative Explanations for 
Paranormal Phenomena"

Bacc Blanc- Mar. 2002
When Corporate Media Cover 
"Independent Media"

New Paper/Study
"An Analysis of Errors in
Arabic Speakersí English Writings"


Brevet Class: Grade 9-1

Brevet Class: Grade 9-2

Baccalaureate Class: Grade 12
(Prom & Graduation)

These sites take some time to download because they include a lot of pictures,
so please be patient.

Tentative Schedule for Brevet- 2002/2003

  1. Novel: "Of Mice & Men"
  2. Essay Writing + Outlining + Transition Words
  3. Oral & Written Presentations
  4. Short Story: "The Lady or the Tiger"
  5. Epic: "The Odyssey"
  6. ("A Midsummer Night's Dream"- extra)
GRAMMAR (throughout the year)
Portfolio & Journal
(Interesting Articles to write about)

Writing Websites

Writing Center Handouts

Writing: Tips

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