The American Community School

English Department

Bacc. Blanc Exam

Grade: 12 Ė Bacc. II 

Teacher: Nada AbiSamra

Date:Tuesday, March 19, 2002

Duration: 2 Hours

Studentís Name:



General Guidelines:

This exam is made of TWO parts: Reading & Writing.

1-Give each part 55 minutes and don't waste time.

2-Reserve some time at the end for proofreading since your paper will be assessed for both Content & Form.

3-Skim through the entire test before you attempt any question.

4-The first part is over 11 points and the second part is over 09.

5-When you finish, return this handout with your final copy.Donít forget to number and write your name on all the extra sheets that you use.

6-Remember: Neatness is Crucial!

Guidelines for Part 1:

1-Go through the reading text thoroughly and carefully.

2-Highlight or underline relevant information as you are reading.

3-Do exactly as the directions require.