English Program for Brevet Students at ACS: (Besides the HS program)
very concise and precise essays- 200 to 250 words maximum
very clear thesis and restatement of thesis-
handwritten in order to check for language mistakes: spelling, mechanics, grammar, etc...
+ Outlining
+ Use of Transition Words
Direct/Indirect Speech
Passive Voice
Question Tags
Singular/Plural (advanced)
Tenses + Subjunctive mood + Conditional mood  (objective tests)
Verbs not to confuse + Notorious Confusables
Prompts (General Revision of grammar + sentence structure)
Error Analysis
Phrasal Verbs
Skimming & Scanning for comprehension
Point of view
Tone & Mood
Plot (in detail: exposition, rising point, action dynamics, climax, falling point, resolution)
Sequence of action + time line
Exploration of style + figures of speech (in detail)
Analytical reading
Getting used to answering questions properly, appropriately, and accurately
Questions include analysis, synthesis, and evaluation (eg: inference) => higher order thinking skills
+ Reflecting on Ways to Improve Lebanon (Problems & Solutions)
(=> relate everything studied to self and Lebanon)
For more information check this site:
Nada AbiSamra
Dec. 8, 2002